Eizenkott: Senior Officers Without an Assignment Will be Released from Service


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LIn a cost-saving measure, IDF Chief of Staff Lt.-Gen. Gadi Eizenkott has announced that any senior officer who has not been selected for assignment will be dismissed from the military. The IDF commander is referring to the trend permitting senior officers to take a paid leave if they are not assigned to a specific command. Eizenkott is bringing an end to this and according to Walla News, adding some senior officers have already been notified.

Eizenkott explains that anyone among senior officers not assigned a command in the last wave of assignments will be compelled to begin the discharge process. The paid leaves of absence that were the norm in the past will not continue. This may not sound too significant to some but for senior military personnel, it is quite dramatic.

The IDF chief has informed the Manpower Branch of his decision, and Chief of Manpower Major-General Chaggai Tupolinsky will implement the new directive.

In the past two decades, many officers who vied for a senior post and was not selected would take a paid leave of absence, an extended leave. They also received funds for continued education while drawing a regular salary, office, vehicle and driver as is the case for a senior commander. Eizenkott has announced all of this is ending immediately and a senior commander who is not assigned will be compelled to retire.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)