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Hikind Requests That New York City DOT Investigate Unsafe Traffic Conditions at Ocean Parkway and Bay Parkway

hikAssemblyman Dov Hikind (D-Brooklyn) is continuing his efforts to work with the relevant government agencies to ensure that Ocean Parkway remains a safe thoroughfare for drivers, bicyclists, and pedestrians. In particular, Hikind has expressed concerns about the intersection of Ocean Parkway and Bay Parkway after numerous constituent complaints and personally observing dangerous traffic conditions and poor signage.

“This is a unique and horribly dangerous intersection. While driving on Ocean Parkway, as you approach the turn onto Bay Parkway, there is no opportunity for someone in the middle lane to switch into the right lane. I’ve seen people veering off suddenly. It’s absolutely terrifying. And then once you make the turn, it’s really easy to miss the fact there might be oncoming bicyclists or pedestrians. This is an accident waiting to happen.”

Hikind has asked the Department of Transportation to look into these signage and traffic issues. Currently, there is unclear signage for drivers on Ocean Parkway indicating that the exit to Bay Parkway is approaching. Drivers who might intend to make the right turn to exit are caught off-guard, especially if they are in the middle or left lanes.

“I have requested that the Department of Transportation look into installing additional signage to give drivers more advanced notice of the upcoming Bay Parkway exit. I am confident that Commissioner Keith Bray will address our concerns and I look forward to reporting back to the community.”

(YWN Desk – NYC)

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  1. I could tell you of a few more.
    17th ave / dahill Rd at 42nd Street. going east. When cars are making a turn onto 17th ave. cars coming from 41st street cannot see them. The new sign Right turn permitted on red makes it worse.
    39th and dahill going west very dangerous left turn.
    dahill and 18th ave pedestrians and cars are very confused who has the right of way.

  2. I would bet that most readers here from the region could add a few situations. I have another question.

    In the domain of which politician should the matter of traffic exist? I would believe, unless someone informs me otherwise, that Dov’s domain should pertain to state matters. The traffic situations described here would all fall under the jurisdiction of the city politicians. For those matters, we should be consulting our City Councilman, who should then act as the representative we elected to serve in this role. I am pleased to see Dov being proactive in making our lives safer and more productive. But should others be doing this job?

  3. The Ocean Parkway Bay Parkway intersection has been configured that way for as long as I can remember and Hikind has lived 3-4 blocks away for many years. Why does he raise the matter now? Dov should be involved in State issues, not City or international issues.

  4. While the intersection and it’s problems aren’t new, some recent changes may have exacerbated the situation. The reduced speed limit has people on edge, and the red light camera at Ave I (right before Bay Parkway) really has some drivers suddenly slamming the brakes as they come up to Ave I. While some are focused on suddenly watching their speed, others are oblivious to that, and it causes a lot of additional edginess. Combine that with drivers who suddenly find themselves in the wrong lane, and can’t switch fast enough because other drivers suddenly slowed down, and you have trouble waiting to happen…

    So while it’s true that Dov is a State representative, and the situation isn’t entirely new, sometimes it takes someone vocal to open up and bring it to the attention of the correct departments, regardless if it’s officially his responsibility.

    If he didn’t address the issue, and just passed the buck, you’d be complaining about that!

  5. Since Ocean Parkway is designated as a state highway (#27 I believe), this does make it fall into Dov Hikind’s prevue.

  6. I have seen with my own eyes sevral accidentsby the intersection by ave f and east 2nd right by the alesk shul! They need a stop sign!!

  7. Yaakov doe:

    I see you never miss an opportunity to put down or criticize Dov. He has represented us very well for so many years. He speaks out where others are scared. Instead of thanking him for the issues (that effects our day to day living here in the City) he brings to the fore, you always choose to bash. Sorry your guy, Caller, was trounced.

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