Hamas Declares a Day of Rage on Friday


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hamAs doctors in hospitals continue fighting to save the lives of the latest victims of Islamic terror attacks in Israel, as the families of the kedoshim are making levaya arrangements, Hamas has declared that tomorrow, erev Shabbos 8 Kislev will be observed as another “Day of Rage”.

The meaning of this declaration is another day of unprovoked murderous terror attacks aimed at Jewish security forces and citizens. Hamas is calling on Gaza residents to walk into southern Israel and perpetrate attacks, to bring down the border fence and attack the enemy.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. If Hamas is inclined to declare a “Day of Rage” on Israeli citizens why can’t Israel declare a “Day of Rage” in Gaza?
    No need to send ground forces in to do the job. Just bomb the daylights out of them, especially their reconstruction efforts.
    That may just shut them up for a while.