PHOTOS: Ceremonial Event Held For Saad U’Marpeh Organization In Israel


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In a combination of bureaucracy and benevolence, Israeli leaders and volunteers joined at a ceremonial event this week to volunteers of the renowned chesed organization, Saad U’Marpeh

Israeli President Reuven Rivlin presented an award to the organization . The President was accompanied by the presence of Jerusalem’s Deputy Mayor R’ Tzvika Cohen, along with Chairman of the Israeli Lottery Department’s Board of Directors, Uzi Dayan and many other notables all saluting the dedication of Saad U’Marpeh’s many volunteers.

R’ Cohen was keynote speaker of the evening, lauding words of blessing to the directors and volunteers of the organization, many of whom he is personally acquainted with. Praising the organization’s devotion to the children among us who are struck by illness or disability, R’ Cohen addressed the crowd with riveting accounts of what these devoted volunteers do. Providing much needed medical advice regarding all aspects of treatment, the services are a blessing to families otherwise ill versed in medical situations.

He continued applauding the staff at Saad U’Marpeh for the additional services they are providing during the current situation in Eretz Yisroel, where volunteers distribute warm meals and pastries to soldiers and law officers securing the streets of Jerusalem at large.

Aside for the medical assistance which they’re known to provide, Saad U’Marpe’s entire staff is dedicated toward instilling happiness to patients through music and talent. With musicians and singers visiting hospital pavilions throughout the state, they spread inspiration and hope to those who need it most. With summer camps for special children, those with illness and disabilities, the organization provides an amazing opportunity to both the children and their families. The past year’s summer camp in Yesodot, Jerusalem, infused campers with scores of activities and day trips. Tzvika praised the significance of these and other many services which make this organization so unique.

Another topic which was addressed throughout the ceremony was the addition of vacations for parents of sick children to various hotels. These forms of respite are a coping mechanism amid the turbulent months of diagnosis and treatment. Transportations to and from hospitals are some of the additional services which Saad U’Marpeh provides. They also offer transportation to medical facilities which are open on Shabbos and Yomim Tovim, known for their expertise in providing immediate care as needed. In his closing remarks, R’ Cohen effusively thanked the volunteers and chairmen of the organization, particularly Motti Fried, Mayer Cohen, and Rachamim Chiyun, all chairmen and administrators at Saad U’Marpeh. He concluded by wishing them continued success in their benevolence toward the people of Israel.

For more information on what Saad U’Marpeh does behind the scenes, details are available at their website which is available for public view. You may opt to contact a member of Saad U’Marpeh via the site at

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