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Rabbi Eliezer Berland Hospitalized After Collapsing

berlandA special hearing was held in Ayalon Prison on Tuesday evening the eve of 14 Tammuz during which authorities extended the remand of Rabbi Eliezer Berland for an additional two days. Police requested that his remand be extended for a week but the decision was made for 48 hours only, until Thursday, 15 Tammuz.

During the hearing, a confrontation took place between the rabbi and a woman accusing him of assault. At some point Rabbi Berland collapsed and taken to Assaf HaRofeh Hospital to be checked.

One of the counts of the indictment being prepared against Rabbi Berland state that he instructed two chassidim, Aharon Yaakov Richter and Dovid Avraham Shemtov to beat Itai Nachman and ‘break his bones’ back in 2013 pertaining to an internal machlokes in the chassidus pertaining to the different factions.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

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  1. When will this garbage ever end? Now he collapses? Gee, what a surprise. I seem to remember the same thing with Rabbi Pinto.

  2. #1 Best to keep your mouth shut if you don’t know the truth. And you don’t!

    Rabbi Pinto is a great tzaddik, a true tzaddik. The reshaim in the court threw him into jail because he granted a nice donation to a high official in the Israeli police department at a time when he was desperate. This policeman – years later – decided to defame the name of this tzaddik with a libel regarding that donation. This is a typical example of the saying “For good deeds you get stoned at”. Of course the chilonim were exceptionally pleased with the accusation. Without evidence the court sent him off to jail.

    Regarding Rabbi Berland, the two witnesses who testified again him are wives of 2 convicted criminals. These women were paid for bringing down a Rabbi. So much for Israel’s “honest” court system.

    It’s time for you to learn how to read and understand the news. Don’t buy everything the media tries to sell you and brainwash you.

  3. It’s time for you to learn how to read and understand the news. Don’t buy everything the media tries to sell you and brainwash you.

    My heary bleads for this great Tzadik. Nebech on all the foolish people that believe everything they hear.

    Its very easy for anyone to be taken down with false accusations.

    Daven for Klal Yisroel & the real issues….

  4. If they don’t charge him for what they extradited him for,they violated international law. He was extradited because of the harassment claims, not the supposed beatings.
    It seems the harassment case they know won’t hold up. And for that they chased him across the world? Next time Israel tries extraditing anyone it will be more difficult.

  5. Most of the news that gets reported can be taken with a big pinch of salt! In fact if you really want to know the truth take a newspaper and believe the exact opposite of what’s printed! I can tell you from experience.A member of my family was in the news (something to be proud of) but the amount of rubbish that was printed was an eye opener!

  6. Tzaddik? did he have Yehud with ladies? Did he run far away and many times? Let us reserve the title of Tzaddik for some one who has earned it.

  7. Now, now kinderlach, listen up a minute to a famous story I’m going to read to you. But before I do please allow me to correct the authors of post #3 & 4. It is bleeds not bleads.
    Now to the maisa that occurred many many years ago in the fabled city of Pressburg, aka Preshburg. In that town, during the heyday of the maskilim, lived a very big talmud chochom by the name of the Chasam Sofer who amongst his many accomplishments and functions was the leadership of the large yeshiva in town. One day he had a certain bochur brought before him and informed the bochur that he was being summarily expelled from the yeshiva. Upon inquiring as to the basis of this sudden and drastic action the Ch”S told him he was informed by 2 trustworthy students who testified under interrogation that this bochur was seen smoking in his room on shabbos. The boy vehemently & tearfully denied the accusation. The Ch”S responded to his protests by saying “V’rum zukt men is nicht oif mir?”
    To the uninitiated of Detch/Yiddish that loosely translates to “Why is this accusation not being leveled at me?”
    In closing let me draw your attention to an eerily similar situation mentioned in Talmud Bavli where Rebbi Yehuda tossed out and excommunicated someone based on the principle of “Kol D’Lo Pussok”. Every narcissist and/or charismatic persona caught sinning will always have lackeys pinning over the fact that they couldn’t possibly of sinned and how the accusers are just this that and the other. Kinda tiring defense, me thinks.

  8. In Israel, the police remand someone in jail so they can investigate without the suspect interfering with the investigation.
    Now they had THREE YEARS to do that while the Rabbi was on the run. Why oh why keep him in jail now?
    BTW – the story doesn’t sound right. Now it’s the police investigating – not confronting with complaintents – that usually happens in court. ???

  9. I just want to express my humble opinion, take it or leave it.
    I don’t think these types of articles should be published. Rabbi Berland has had a history of being a righteous person. But regardless of that. These claims may be real or fake, at the end of the day we have no idea. But my problem is this: why are we being told the charges against him? Why are we treating him like a rasha, assuming he is already guilty? Why do we have to hear the Lashon Hara about him? Why are all the accusations made against him coming onto a frum website? We don’t want to hear it. The Chafets Chaim writes that it’s assur to spread degrading things about a fellow Jew. If he were a known Rasha and YWN was using his case to teach us not to be like him thats one thing. But its not the case. Please stop spreading a bad name for this man, I don’t care whether he did it or not.

  10. To “bleeding heart” (aka Arye no. 2 and Step Aside no. 3)

    If you want to post under different names, that’s up to the Mods (at least don’t use the identical phrase in posts under different names). However, this “rav” has been given multiple opportunities to confront his accusers and present the “truth” but instead he runs away. He now has the opportunity to present the real facts and rebut these “false accusations”. Hopefully he will and the circus will end.

  11. And it is very easy to succumb to the yetzer hara and afterwards have your supporters say “Its very easy for anyone to be taken down with false accusations”.

  12. @arye ever think that maybe your the one beleiving what you hear?

    And to all those quick to jump on anyone who has jumped against the rav…in my view most holy people who are accused dont run due to the simple idea that they are so holy that they 100% complete faith in the one above to come to their aid that there is no reason to run…the only reason, one woukd think,a tzaddik who has unquestioned faith would is one of 2 reasons…1.hes guilty or 2. He has no faith…so if hes innocent wheres his faith?…either way one would think hes either not a tzadik or hes guilty…but one thing for sure an innocent tzadik does not run…and hes smart enough to know the public implication of running….i of course dont think either way

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