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Kulanu Likely To Oppose Shas’ New Kosel Arrangement

koselFinance Minister Moshe Kahlon’s Kulanu party appears to be set to vote against Aryeh Deri’s new Kosel Bill, a bill that has yet to earn the backing of senior Likud party officials. Kulanu MK Rachel Azariya feels Deri’s version of what the Kosel should look like will create more machlokes rather unity. She feels Deri’s bill is contrary to Judaism’s values, and instead of seeking to find that which unites us, he looks for that which will increase the divide.

In her words “The proposal is disgraceful and diametrically opposed to the values of Judaism and why can’t the Wall represent a place of common worship for the entire Jewish People?”

She adds “There is never a vacuum…When the Prime Minister delayed the plan already approved by all, extremist voices were heard seeking to act as if the Kosel was private property”.

Azariya feels Deri’s vision is part of the trend of exclusion as was the mikve bill which was directed against any converts other than Orthodox.

Deri and the members of Yahadut Hatorah have stated repeatedly they will never agree to giving non-religious streams of Judaism a foothold at the Kosel.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

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  1. Let these Reformers keep the laws they should keep. Shabbas. Kosheres. Tara’s Hamispaha They are mixed up They ignore the important stuff and instigate trouble.

  2. There is already an existing agreement on the use of the kosel area that was carefully negotiated over many months in response to a Court Order. Netanyahu agreed to those arrangements and has been dragging his feet in moving forward. He gave his word on behalf of the coalition and should move forward with what he agree to without further delay.

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