Flatbush: Tallis And Tefillin Stolen From Car On Ave N and E 14 – Owner Asking For Assistance


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TefillinA vehicle was broken into in Flatbush on Tuesday morning, and a Tallis and Tefillin were stolen.

Usually, thieves soon realize that there is no monetary value to them with the contents of the bag, and many times discard them soon after.

The owner is asking people in the vicinity of Avenue N and East 14 / East 15 to please check in and around their garage cans, yards, and sidewalks.

They were inside a brown leather Tallis bag.

If found please contact [email protected]

(YWN Desk – NYC)


  1. If any one has information about the brake in or knows if any cameras that may have captured footage of the corner of 14th and N please email the owner

  2. Beware, robbers are still roaming in that area. They were stealing in backyard/garage on the same block of Ave N east 14 at 1:30am Nov 30 and escaped when police came