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Kallah Suffers Tragic Loss

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A kallah’s dreams are shattered by the tragic and sudden death of her father.

This devastating loss occurred this past Sukkos when a loving and attentive father of 10 children developed a severe infection which rapidly spread to his heart and killed him within one week.

His widow and children are reeling from the shock of his death. His wife is suddenly faced with the terrifying responsibility of providing for a large family on her own and now, the expense of her first child’s wedding.

The pain and sorrow this beautiful family is enduring is felt even more deeply at a time that should be so joyous and happy. Now, not only does this frightened Almonah have to face life each day without her beloved husband and tend to the physical and emotional needs of her children, she must muster the courage and the resources to plan and pay for the wedding of her first child, her precious daughter, in just two short months.   Please help us to restore the smallest amount of menuchas hanefesh to this grieving mother. Please contribute now to the cost of her daughter’s wedding. We can’t provide this young kallah with a brocha from her father on her wedding day but we can ensure that she stands under the chuppah with dignity.

Hakadosh Baruch Hu has bestowed this great honor upon us, let us rise to the occasion and assist our fellow Jews in their time of need.

May Hashem bless you and continue to bless you and your dear family with health, long life, and Kol Tuv.

This Campaign is endorsed by prominent Rabbanim.

Rabbi Moshe Wolfson,                                                       
Mashgiach of Yeshiva Torah Vodaas & Rav of Khal Emunas Yisroel.

Rabbi Yechezkel Roth,.                                                                 
Av Beis Din and Rav of Karlsburg,


Please open your heart and donate as generously as you can,  through this online fund or write a check payable to Ezer Lanitzrach.    Donations are Tax-Deductible. Receipts will be emailed upon request only.

~ Ezer Lanitzrach~
C/O Rabbi Moshe Wolfson
1574 43rd Street
Brooklyn,  NY 11219     *(Memo: Kallah/Tragic Loss)

Thank you all so much for your extreme generosity.  Your concern & contribution is very much much appreciated. It will make a difference!

                                                       Tizku L’mitzvos! 

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