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President Obama Preparing For Ground Zero Visit Thursday

— President Barack Obama was finalizing plans to visit Ground Zero on Thursday, where he’ll meet with a small, handpicked group of September 11 families at the site and may also stop by a city firehouse.

Kurt Horning, of Scotch Plains, N.J., is among those that received an invitation to meet with Obama.

Horning said he intends to tell the president that bin Laden got a better burial than many 9/11 victims.

“He was washed and wrapped and buried at sea after prayers were read and thousands of people from the World Trade Center are in a garbage dump in Staten Island,” Horning, who lost his son in the attacks, said.

Horning is the co-founder of WTC Families for Proper Burial.

Anthoula Katsimatides, who lost her brother John, also got an invitation and plans to thank the president.

“I think that as the commander in chief we owe him a debt of gratitude,” Katsimatides said.

Mr. Obama will not be joined by his predecessor, President George W. Bush, who declined an invitation and has kept out of the spotlight.


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  1. As soon as the dust settles, Obama will exploit his new found popularity to force through some more of his leftist agenda

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