Parents Of Girl With Rare Disease Looking For Bone Marrow Donor


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The parents of a very sick child are pleading for help to save their daughter from a rare and deadly disease.

One-year-old Ayelet Galena is fighting for her life. Ayelet’s is suffering from a rare disease and is in desperate need of a bone marrow transplant and now her parents are asking for your help.

Music stars Rihanna, 50 Cent and other celebrities have lent their support to the campaign to find her a bone marrow donor.

A donor registration drive is Sunday 10am to 6pm the Jewish Community Center on the Upper West Side at 334 Amsterdam Ave at 76th street to try to find a match for Ayelet.

Please keep her in mind in your Tefillos: Ayelet Yakira bat Chaya Hinda Matel Nechama

For more information, visit

(Source: WCBSTV)


  1. I was just selected for a further swab test (it came in the mail) & I immediately did it. I’d like to think I can help this baby.

    They should have set up testing stations at the Israel Day Parade.

  2. My wife and I ran a bone marrow drive two years ago – we were told then that all registries in the U.S. are cross referenced…if you are on one, in effect, you are on them all.