Monday Morning News Briefs From Eretz Yisrael


18:39: Two youths living on the Ramat Migron outpost were arrested on suspicion of violating a closed military zone order placed on the outpost by the brigade commander of the Binyamin region.

19:11: An MDA ambulance traveling in Shomron near Ariel was targeted in firebomb attack. No injuries were reported.

** IDF soldiers taking part in counter-terrorism operations throughout Yehuda and Shomron arrested eight suspects on Sunday night.

20:30: A rocket landed in an open area near Kibbutz Shar HaNegev. No injuries were reported.

23:30: A stun grenade was thrown at the home of Rabbi Yeshayahu Pinto Shlita. Police are investigating.

05:00: The IAF launched a raid against terrorists in retaliation for Sunday night rocket attack. Hamas sources report one dead and a number of injured.

** Over 250 residents have not reported for work in hospitals nationwide.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)