IDF Shuts Gaza Border Amid Rioting – Gaza Media Reports Dead & Injured


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12:59PM IL: Gaza reports dozens of injured in Gaza border confrontations with IDF soldiers.

Thousands of Gazans lined the border fence at around noon on erev Pesach, 14 Nissan, in what they warned will be the ‘March of the Million’. The Hamas regime in Gaza declared the day Land Day, insisting their will be no compromise when it comes to redeeming Palestine.

The IDF used tank fire to scatter the violent protests. According to the Red Crescent Society, at least 54 people have been wounded in Gaza from the IDF fire. Gaza media sources are reporting at least one dead.

At this time, there seems to be six confrontation sites, at which tires are being burned and rocks hurled at soldiers.

The IDF reports some Gazans have succeeded in breaking through the border fence in the area of the Erez Crossing and Khan Yunis, trying to damage the cameras that monitor their movements. The IDF responded by sealing the length of the border, declaring it a closed military zone.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)