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VIDEO: Rabbi Teaches Young Chareidi Bochurim About Sacrifices Made By IDF Soldiers


YWN-ISRAEL recently reported on a unique Yeshiva for Chareidim who wish to maintain the dress and lifestyle, but also want an education in general subjects.

Rabbi Bombach, who grew up in Meah Shearim, feels there are many young Chareidim who cannot find a system with the proper balance, as well as too many experiencing difficulty supporting their families due to not having proper education.

He has established his school that includes general studies, remaining committed to the chareidi lifestyle while simultaneously infusing them with a great deal of knowledge and skills for the future.

In the accompanying video we see how the talmidim learn about Memorial Day and the sacrifice made by those who fell in the line of duty over the years.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

17 Responses

  1. ירבו כמותו בישראל

    As he said, without getting involved in the ideological issues about serving in the army, it is absolutely imperative to recognize the sacrifices and dedication of those who do serve. The soldiers are not there to undermine the Torah; their objective is to protect the rest of us, their brethren. We must appreciate this, and empathize with those who paid the ultimate price on our behalf.

    This was a phenomenal lesson.

  2. This is A M A Z I N G!!!
    Finally…the time has come to show hakaras hatove to our fellow Jewish soldiers who put there life on the lines so
    that we can learn with yishuv hadaas.
    Achdus and Ayin Tovah (even amongst our differences) will bring the Moshiach b’H

  3. Like Chareidim in all other countries in the world, who throughout history have always shown hakaras hatov to their host countries and have always displayed a moderate sense of national pride and responsibility, Chareidim in Israel are trending towards the same thing. BH they are no longer focusing on the negativity of a movement called Zionism which in any event ended (either successfully or unsuccessfully, depending on your viewpoint) in 1948 and instead recognize that they live in an actual country for which they have so much to be grateful for.

  4. At last. Kol hakavod to this wonderful young mechanech who is trying to instill ahavas chinam between us yidden, without praise or condemnation, just recognition of what the soldiers do and what their children and parents go through when things don’t go according to plan.

  5. Although it is a good thing to teach children to appreciate the sacrifices that soldiers are making to try to protect our people and the benefits that we gain from them putting their lives on the line, non-the-less, we need to distinguish between truths and non-truths. It is true that they make sacrifices no matter if they are chareidi, mizrachi, misorti, or even if they are totally anti-Torah. It is true that we benefit from their sacrifices. It is true that we should and need to daven for their safety and success.

    However, it is absolutely a gross distortion of the truth to imply that your average soldier enlist in order to allow us to learn Torah as this Rebbe is trying to do. It would be wonderful if that were truly their thoughts upon enlisting. Unfortunately, that fact that they are trying to abolish the status quo and enlist Yeshiva bochurim is clear evidence that the daas of your average soldier is FAR from protecting the continuity of Limud HaTorah. In fact, many feel great animosity towards the Yeshiva Velt for doing so, including Mizrachi (BTW – even hesder is losing popularity among Mizrachi).

    It’s a shame that this Rebbe didn’t take things into the proper perspectives. Unfortunately, by stating something that deviates from the “total truth” he may be causing a student to lose appreciation once he discovers that many soldiers in fact don’t care about Limud HaTorah at all. It would have been better for him to have said, “Regardless whether a soldier has the right or wrong intentions for enlisting, non-the-less we benefit from his sacrifice and that merits our respect, prayers, and concern for him, his safety, his success, and his safe return to his family. He’s a Jew and we should never forget that!” A statement like that would’ve gone a lot farther.

  6. This is NOT a Yeshiva

    While these Students dress Chardei today, they will definitely NOT be Chardei if they don’t run out for their lives of this Nashama death camp

    And to Menachem Bombach ימח שמו וזכרו

    YWN, Shame on You. You should re-Brand yourself to anything other than “Yeshiva World”

  7. I want to go to Israel just to shake this Rabbi’s hand. I always wonder how many of those hypocrites would ever step foot in Israel were the IDF not there.
    Chesssed – May Hashem send you a Refuah Sheleima

  8. Can someone tell us the name of this yeshiva? I would gladly send this yeshiva a donation in support of their desire to educate the bochurim with both common sense and derech Eretz and mentschlichkeit.

  9. @aYidFromNY

    I’m just wondering why Aaron Flohr from Monsey NY feels he can say “ימח שמו וזכרו” on another Yid while hiding in his basement in his soiled underwear, using unfiltered Internet?

    Is this the Derech of your grandfather the Malach?

  10. @Mossad Retiree

    NO Mossad Retiree

    Just a shamefulness YWN editor spreading secularism, zionism and apikorsus in the frum Torah world

  11. @aYidFromNY

    Aron Flohr from Monsey has no issues calling another Yid “ימח שמו וזכרו”.

    When called out on it, you attack the YWN editor as your justification.

    No one asked you to stay here. Go back to your creepy smelly basement in Monsey and stay there. And do us all a favor, get yourself a filter on your phone and computer. I know where you’ve been. You left a serious trail behind yourself.

  12. it seems that people can not see the truth if it hit them in the face. The Torah teaches love work and hate authority. Yet we see too many charadim hiding out in the beis medreshes here in Israel for fear of going into the army.

    On the other side, I have seen many Chabadniks go into the army for several years come out intact and frum and even have a possitive influence on secular Jews.

    What is wrong with our frum Chinuch system if we are afraid that our boys are going to throw away their Yiddishkeit and jump on the first women soldier that they meet?

  13. @aYidFromNY – your words are not warranted. I suggest you start contemplating what caused the churban Beis HaMikdash. To disagree, you have the rights. To state, ימח שמו וזכרו on another shomer Shabbos Yid, you don’t.

    @xxxx xxxx – it’s better to avoid Lashon Hara and Motzei Shem Rah then to call someone out. There was no reason to expose another here.

  14. aYidFromNY “Nashama death camp”…. are you kidding me? Do you actually know anyone that served in the IDF or are you just saying ‘death camp’ as if it’s similar to Auschwitz? I have some friends and cousins who have volunteered to serve in the IDF through the years, and they have remain frum or became more inspired to be frum and involve themselves in Kiruv with others. Concluding, I have heard positive situations where the IDF accommodates with kosher and shabbos. If someone has the will and desire to remain frum in the IDF, Monsey, or South Beach then they will be matzliach. One’s neshama can ‘decline’ in Boro Park or ‘succeed’ in Cancun, it’s up to you. Maybe you can educate me on how it’s a nashama death camp, please?

  15. While the video was amazing itself, it is most heartening to read that most YWN readers are supportive of this kind of chinuch. As to the rest, you will do teshuva someday, or your descendants will.

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