WATCH: Hagaon HaRav Chaim Kanievsky Says Israel Is Safe: ‘War Is Not Breaking Out’



“War is not breaking out,” Hagaon HaRav Chaim Kanievsky Shlita said on Monday afternoon.

A grandson of the Gadol Hador is seen in this video asking his grandfather the following:

“This man’s brother is in Belgium and wants to come to Eretz Yisoel tomorrow. He is worried that there will be a war or something like that. He is asking if there is something to worry about, or he should come to Eretz Yisroel?”

Without hesitation, Rav Chaim responds “לא תפרוץ שום מלחמה”.

On Monday evening, Prime Minister Netanyahu revealed a stunning Mossad trove of documents, alleging that the Iran nuclear program remained in operation long after the 2015 “Iranian Nuclear Deal”.

On Sunday night, a massive explosion rocked Syria, where an Iranian base reportedly was bombed by a missile attack from an unknown origin. 200 missiles exploded, and many Iranian soldiers were killed.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. Wouldn’t 99% of people have answered the exact same thing when asked this silly question,these kind of videos are a real “BIZAYON TALMIDEI CHACHAMIM” and a CHILLUL HASHEM

  2. All the Rav was asked was that the chap wants to come from Belgium “tomorrow” to which he replied there will be no war. he wasn’t saying forever but Hashem Yishmor

  3. chugibugi….cool your heels….it shows the Rav is well grounded in the issues normal people worry about and is a compliment to his calming and steady voice for the tzibur. He is saying just live your normal life and the Ebeshter will take care of the “big stuff”.

  4. It is evident that the commentators here are not familiar with HaGaon Rav Chaim, shlita. Your comments are based on how you feel and not based on any personal contact with Rav Chaim, shlita.

    You should know that Rav Chaim is extremely meticulous with his words. He does not say even one word beyond what he feels necessary. If he adds even one word extra then you should know that there is intent behind that word that needs to be contemplated on. He was adding an extra point to his statement. (This is not true of all Gedolim, but it is true of Rav Chaim.)

    Another point to note is that many Gedolim state about Rav Chaim that he has Ruach HaKodesh (note I said “Gedolim”, not “people”).

    In this article’s incident he could have just stated, “Al T’di’ag” (“Don’t worry”). The fact that he was verbose and stated “לא תפרוץ שום מלחמה”, in my opinion, means that he knows this to be so (through Ruach HaKodesh or through Limud HaTorah).

    I do agree that there’s no intent in his words that war will “never” break out. Rather it won’t break out due to the recent incidences.

    As far as the question posed, ” Wouldn’t 99% of people have answered the exact same thing when asked this silly question”, I don’t know about anyone else, but I couldn’t have made such a definitive response. I could have said, “I don’t believe there will be a war” or “I wouldn’t worry about it”, but I definitely would not say, “there will be no war”.

    …and no, I don’t believe the question was stupid. The questioner in no way could have expected Rav Chaim’s answer. I’m sure he was looking for either a “don’t worry, you should come and z’chus Limud HaTorah will protect you” or perhaps “come only if you think you’ll have Yishuv HaDa’as”.

    I do agree, however, that news outlet should try harder not to sensationalize Gedolim’s statements, but rather just point out matter of fact what the Gadol stated. Best if the Gadol is asked prior whether to publicize his statement or not.