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WATCH: New York Times Accused of Anti-Israel Bias; Published Cartoon Reminiscent Of Nazi Germany 1930’s

The attached cartoon by Patrick Chappatte was published in the New York Times on Monday evening, titled “As U.S. Embassy Moves, Dozens Die in Gaza.”

Take note on the bottom left corner, where the Jew has a long “hook nose”, reminiscent of Germany, 1930’s style.

60 protestors were killed and at least 1200 wounded in violent riots at the Gaza border.

An IDF spokesman said protesters carried out “concerted, coordinated” attacks on the border fence separating Gaza from Israel, causing “significant damage.”

Lt. Col. Jonathan Conricus also told The Associated Press that Hamas militants disguised as protesters tried to infiltrate, and there were at least three instances of armed Hamas gunmen trying to carry out attacks.

Critics accuse the publication of ignoring Hamas angle in coverage of Mideast violence. Fox News media analyst Howard Kurtz weighs in:

6 Responses

  1. Joseph Goebbels (yamach shmo) would be proud of his students that are running America media . Trump is 100% right calling them Fake News.

  2. Even the terrorists who were shot dead have mothers who don’t deserve to see a cartoon with fireworks making fun of their dead shame on you New York Times

  3. I am so used to the NYT pushing its ultra liberal agenda that I don’t even read it except for the obits. It has ceased to be a even headed level for news.

    They are so liberal that I can not take it….

  4. The NYT is not anti-Israel, they are Jew haters. Polite euphemisms are appropriate for polite people. That is hardly the case of the NYT. Also, the activity on the border with Gaza is NOT a protest. It is a military action. It is an attempt to invade Israel and murder its people. Only Jew haters or those bamboozled by their propaganda could call this a protest. A protest means residents of a jurisdiction voicing their opposition to actions of their government. Armed (out of uniform) soldiers attempting to invade a country is NOT a protest.

  5. The non-Jew next to him and all of the other side-profile men in this cartoon have the same noses. It is just the artists style.

    Not that I want to defend the Liberal Anti-Semitism of the NYT. But let’s not make stuff up. There are enough real issues out there.

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