Elad Kollel Fines Avreichim NIS 500 For Speaking on Phone During Seder


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Avreichim in the Medrash Eliyahu Kollel in Elad receive a bit over NIS 2,000 monthly from Rosh Kollel Rav Avraham Pechter, learning in both a morning and afternoon seder daily in the kollel situated near the city’s entrance.

Some Kolelim have prohibited avreichim to use a cellular telephone during the seder of the kollel, without exception. According to a Kikar Shabbos News report, a notice was posted last week, citing in light of the prohibition regarding the mobile phones in kollel, and amid the awareness the prohibition has been ignored somewhat of late, anyone caught violating the prohibition from hereon in will be fined no less than NIS 500, which will be deducted from an avreich’s monthly payment.

It is added that clearly, the prohibition does not include an emergency situation.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. i was checking out my shopping at my local grocer and the girl was texting away while i was waiting in line.
    i think stores should also follow same rules and penalize a worker who is texting while working.
    i am sure there will be dozens of comments regarding this Koloel but the bootom line is.
    If you accept Kolel money you are bound by the rules of Rosh Hakolel and you must pay a fine for breaking the rules.
    No one forces anyone to come to kolel ,but if you want a check stick to the rules.

  2. Is this a scheme to generate money? If I had a kollel, someone who would knowingly distract himself from his learning would be sent out to go to work. Kollel should be focused on the young men completely serious about learning. And kollel is not for everyone.

  3. Nothing wrong with fines but then at least pay minimum wage.

    You can’t pay 12.50 shekel an hour and fine someone 500 for a single phone call.

  4. Not sure why any avreichim would have any reason to be using their smartphones for ANY reason during seder or a Rebbe’s schmuz or whatever. In many secular schools, the talmidim are texting away, shopping on Amazon or watching youtube videos. That’s not the way of ben torah in yeshivos and if you can’t stay off your phone for a few hours, maybe you don’t belong there.