Vaad Rabbonim Approving First Frum Smartphone Soon


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iphAddressing the Ariel Conference for Ethics in the Media last week, chareidi askan Dudu Zilbershlag told participants that in the very near future, the Vaad Rabbonim for Communications would be putting its stamp of approval on the first chareidi smartphone. Zilbershlag feels this will be another step towards facilitating efforts to bring chareidim into the workplace.

He explained that his vision calls for the establishment of a private clean internet to service the chareidi tzibur, perhaps “something similar to the private Pentagon system”.

Zilbershlag stated the announcement of the new frum smartphone will be made in Israel, and views this as a major step of propelling chareidim forward in the business world without compromising their standards of modesty and insistence on being protected from unwanted and dangerous content.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. Excellent plan of action.
    These techo devices are not disappearing and need to be dealt with…with sechel. Glad to see that it will be.

  2. Another profit maker for vaad harabanim?

    The device offered is so old fashioned, they have blocked half the services and I don’t believe many will buy it

    Mot isralies use 2 phones, one for talking one for data!

  3. A fine step in the right direction. A good focus would be ease of research of all religious literature as well as the resources to clearly understand the material. Examples would be definitions of words with pictures. The business uses are very good but should be viewed as a maid servant of sacred studies.