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BEHIND THE SCENES: How Israel Got Back The Remains of Zachary Baumel HY”D [VIDEO]

B’chasdei Hashem, after 37 years, the remains of IDF soldier Zachary Baumel HY”D, who was killed in the First Lebanon War in 1982, were returned to Israel for kvura. The reports acknowledged this was made possible by the generous cooperation of Russian President Vladimir Putin, who negotiated with Syrian officials.

In the accompanying video, HaRav Shmuel Eliyahu explains the story, as told to him by Zachary’s sister, Mrs. Osnat Haberman.

In short, the rav explains that for years, the family was critical regarding the actions and inactions of Prime Minister Netanyahu regarding efforts to bring the soldier’s remains home for burial. At one point, it was decided to speak positively and not criticize, to judge him favorably, as certainly he has tried and made a legitimate efforts and has done a great deal of good. Hence, better to speak well of him rather than negatively.

Time passed and Netanyahu traveled to Russia recently and met with Putin, at which time Mr. Putin said, “you did me an enormous favor and now it is payback time. Whatever you wish”. (We are not told what the enormous favor is that was done by Israel for Russia).

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Netanyahu was expecting this, and his staff prepared a list of 50 favors to ask, eventually knocking the list down to 10 and then to the 3 most important. Suddenly, despite having the three in his head, the prime minister began thinking of Baumel, uncertain why this would pop into his head at such a time after so long, but he decided that it was a sign and he asked to bring home the remains for burial in Israel, and so it was.

However, Putin was so amazed that Netanyahu would use this opportunity for a major favor to ease the pain and suffering of the family, as Jews are so caring one for another, he stated that this ‘favor’ doesn’t count and he was willing to do additional favors for Israel to pay back for the favor done for him.

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(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

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  1. Mr. Netanyahu would use this opportunity to a major payback to ease the pain and suffering of the family Because as I have commented several times, the only 2 Prime-Ministers that Israel has ever had who are genuine “Ohavei Yisroel” are Menachem Begin ZTKLLH’H and Bibi Netanyahu.

  2. Excellent post 147.
    Could not have agreed with you more.
    These two politicians are the only ones that really care about the Jewish people.

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