Police Request Extending The Detention Of Driver Of Hit & Run Of Chareidi Boy


Police on Tuesday requested that Netanel Sandrusi, the suspect in the hit and run of a chareidi boy, be extended for a fourth time for eight additional days.

Sandrusi is suspected of driving a 11-year-old boy, Binyomin Beigelzon, in a hit-and-run accident at the Ramot Junction in Jerusalem, as reported by YWN-Israel.

This is despite the fact that in the previous hearing, in the Magistrate’s Court, it was found that the police are not sure whether he was the suspect involved in the attack, or whether it is his friend who is in detention, Maor Gamliel.

According to the police at the hearing on Tuesday, May 14, 2019, “The respondent (Sandrusi) is being investigated in a criminal manner: they are raising evidence and he does not answer questions.”

Police told the court that Sandrusi is maintaining his silence and not responding to questions.

As we recall, at the same time, the doctors continue to fight for the life of the child who was injured in the accident, whose condition was defined as critical.

HaGaon HaRav Chaim Kanievsky Shlita instructed the family to add the name Chaim. The tzibur is requested to recite Tehillim for Chaim Binyomin ben Shoshana Raizel bsoch cholei yisrael.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)