AS A ZECHUS: Father of Child Struck By Car and on Life Support Asks Everyone to “Delete One App”


Yisrael Meir Biegeleisen is the father of Chaim Binyomin ben Shoshana Raizel, the 11-year-old boy struck by a vehicle in a hit & run accident in Jerusalem during Chol Hamoed Pesach. Chaim Binyomin remains in critical condition, as he fights for his life.

Mr. Biegeleisen has undertaken a new initiative, launching a website calling on Klal Yisrael to delete one app from their phones, and reclaim some time that would have otherwise been used with that app.

The website is called “delete one app”.

In the accompanying video we hear the inspiring words of Rabbi Ephraim Shapiro, explaining the accident as well as the purpose of the website and the ongoing initiative.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. Obviously I with a refuah shelema to the injured child, but this campaign is silly. Would they be happy if I deleted Uber? How about Ring? I like their overall intent of reducing wasted time, but it seems uneducated to state that every app is bad and must be deleted.

  2. the message they want to convey i think is
    that as useful and indispensable as a phone has become, … so much toeles & efficiency…
    it has a downside and that is it has “robbed us of our menuchas hanefesh” a chupa , levaya, even the bathroom . responsible and upright baalei batim and bnei torah will tell you that leaving the phone in one of those wooden lockers in shul is difficult or out of my range”
    shmutz aside.. we need to gain control and be a true baal on the technology which we must use
    refua sheleima

  3. I agree to the idea of deleting an app and i think everyone ahould delete YWN!what a wonderful app with such a heimishe name and they’re not ashamed to post pictures and videos of women! I think that should be the app everyone should delete

  4. Please think before you add a comment to an article. The campaign is obviously NOT about deleting essential productivity apps such as Uber. its about apps that waste otherwise quality time such as Instagram, Reddit, Quora, Apple news etc. Its about time that should otherwise be spent doing something worthwhile as opposed to filling your already muddled brain with useless information. Also, where’s your sensitivity to those involved? With a few keystrokes you to make a mockery out of a worthwhile cause, while someone is trying to get all the zechusim he can to save his child who is lying in a coma. Instead of blasting the cause, pull out a tehilim and daven. in addition, if all you have on your phone is Uber and Ring, you are unique among the pack and above this campaign, though your words hint otherwise.
    Please think before you speak. If you are incapable of doing so, learn Sefer chofetz Chaim.

  5. ” it seems uneducated to state that every app is bad and must be deleted”

    the campaign in no way states all apps are bad

  6. sorry–how about spending some time learning the payrosh ha meelos of words in tefilla, or why we say the particular tehillim that we say in pseukei dzimra, or erev shabbos, etc–and learn and THINK about the words–Judaism doesn’t always have to NO-deeizm, or STOP-eeizm.