Israel: There are 5.8 Million Registered Voters


Israel’s Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS) reported on Tuesday, a week before elections for 22nd Knesset, that there are 5.8 million registered voters in Israel, 48,000 more than in the election for 21st Knesset in April 2019. This represents an 8% increase.

Of the registered voters, 79% are Jews, 16% Arabs, 5% others (Christian who are not Arabs and residents without religious classification). According to the report, 14% of the eligible voters are youths between 18-24, while 30% are 25-39, and 31% between 40-59. The percentage of voters 60 and over stands at 25%.

In addition, the age structure in the population affects the percentage of those with the right to vote among the different population groups. For example, the share of Arabs among voters, which stands at 16%, is smaller than their share of the population, which is 21%, since the proportion of children with no voting rights is greater than their share in other population groups.

Meanwhile, according to the Central Election Committee (CEC), the number of voters registered for the election for 21st Knesset was about 6.4 million. The CBS estimate is lower by about 570,000 people, since it includes only permanent residents living in Israel, while those registered in the voter registration (in accordance with the provisions of the Electoral Law), includes citizens who live abroad for an extended period as well. Some have died overseas in the meantime, and no notification was given to update the popular registry.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. I don’t quite understand your numbers how is 48 thousand an 8% increase for 8.5 million and how is the cec estimate from 6.4 million only 570 thousand less??