CONTROVERSY: Dr. Moti Kedar Says Yigal Amir Did Not Assassinate Yitzchak Rabin, Says Man Is “Y.R.”


During a right-wing rally in Petach Tikvah, Dr. Kedar, a scholar of Arabic culture at Bar-Ilan University and notable advocate for Israel, claimed that Yigal Amir, although convicted for the crime, was not the person who murdered Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin.

Dr. Mordechai Kedar addressed the investigation into the assassination of Prime Minister Yitzchak Rabin. “The person who assassinated (Rabin) is a man with the Hebrew initials yud/resh and the time has come, after 24 years that the right-wing was slandered.”

At the Kikar Goren event in Petach Tikvah on Tuesday evening, Dr. Mordechai Kedar, an Israeli scholar of Arabic culture and lecturer at Bar-Ilan University, called for reopening the investigation into the assassination of Yitzchak Rabin. Kedar added that the assassin has the initials ‘yud/resh’.

Dr. Kedar added, “Perhaps for what Yigal Amir did not do he sits in an isolated prison cell. Why in solitary? So that he will not tell the truth to anyone…”

Kedar was summoned to the Bar-Ilan University disciplinary committee following his remarks, and Walla News reported that the university has already suspended Dr. Kedar’s privilege of officially representing the university.

Meanwhile, hundreds of students at Bar-Ilan University signed a petition Thursday in support of Dr. Kedar after the university administration summoned him for a disciplinary hearing.

The university subsequently suspended Dr. Kedar from representing it at overseas conferences.

The petition in support of Dr. Kedar, initiated by the Bar-Ilan University branch of the Zionist watchdog Im Tirtzu, called the university’s actions hypocritical.

“Dr. Kedar invests his own time and energy to defend the State of Israel and to fight the lies, incitement, and propaganda that are leveled against the state and its citizens,” the students wrote.

“While Israeli academia is infested with professors who, at the taxpayers’ expense, defame Israel, support BDS, and promote anti-Zionism, Bar-Ilan University specifically chose to discipline Dr. Kedar.”

The students continued: “When Dr. Uri Weiss of Bar-Ilan University said that the murder of 13-year-old Hallel Yaffa Ariel in Kiryat Arba occurred due to the ‘fanatical ideology’ and ‘collective psychosis’ of her parents, he wasn’t condemned or summoned to a disciplinary hearing.”

“When Professor Orna Sasson-Levy of Bar-Ilan University participated in events and signed petitions in support of the radical propaganda organization ‘Breaking the Silence,’ Bar-Ilan did not take issue with it,” wrote the students.

“Instead, the university chose to go after and to harm the livelihood and reputation of a man who devoted his life to ensuring the future of Israel.”

The students concluded: “One can criticize Dr. Kedar as he criticizes others and say that his remarks are wrong or inappropriate – that is what makes Israel a free and open country. But harming his reputation and livelihood and trying to silence him through disciplinary committees is something else entirely.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. Dr Kedar is so 100% absolutely correct. We are all old enough to remember that the real culprit {Yud Resh} gave to Yigal Amir what he said was “Blanks” and Yigal Amir, is 100% innocent and MUST be freed NOW.
    This is much more more urgent than getting a coalition worked out. This is Pikuach Nefesh to extricate Yigal Amir from false imprisonment.

  2. 147
    Can you please refresh our memory about the instagator whom I believe from the security services Infeltrated and instigated Yigal and told Yigal Amir the bullets are dulls just scare off Rabin was approved by Shimon Press arch enemy of Yitchok Rabin ….
    am I correct?

  3. 147: “This is much more more urgent than getting a coalition worked out….”

    Sad that American style right wing conspiracy theories have spread to EY and YWN…..I’ve heard from an adom chashuv that it wasn’t Yud Resh but actually “FT” the father of a well known American politician who conspired with Ted Cruz’s father who had been involved with the JFK assassination along with rogue agents from the Mosad and KGB.

    Its a sad troll that would claim that promoting such lunatic meshugaas is “more urgent” than forming a government at a time that EY is facing so many existential threats.

  4. Why the initals?

    anyone who followed to story knows he means Yisai Raviv this isnt a secret this silly conspiracy theroies have been around since day one. why the needless mystique

    I love this comment ” gave to Yigal Amir what he said was “Blanks” ” yes becasue if he shot blanks that would be completely appropriate. lol good stuff