Police Arrest Six Members of the Berland Shuvu Banim Cult [VIDEO]


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Police have arrested six men during the night who follow the cult headed by Rabbi Eliezer Berland. The suspects in detention are suspected of crimes based on a a recent Channel13 News report that was released weeks ago.

Police in recent weeks have been working to gather evidence that which was released in the report pertaining to Berland and his Shuvu Banim cult.

A police spokesman confirmed that an early-morning raid took place on Monday, as detectives raided the homes of the six who are suspected of fraud and money laundering. A search of their homes led to the confiscation of documents and other evidence.

News13 reports that one of the homes raided was that of Rabbi Berland. BeChadrei Chareidim added that the six were to be released following question. In addition, it is reported that Rav Berland was not among those expected to be questioned by police at this time.

During the later morning hours, police were seen raiding a Meah Shearim office affiliated with Shuvu Banim.


(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. How is it possible that Berland’s hoodlum’s and fraudsters continue to operate with impunity and that he himself is allowed to direct these scams. If he is mentally incapacitated, as some argue is the case and is no longer in control of his cult, why hasn’t he been locked away in an asylum where he cannot do any harm.

  2. Gadol: scams of such a scale are hard to maintain without someone(s) in law enforcement, and maybe even the judiciary “participating” …

  3. “ha kol be zchuto”, pointing up at shomayim
    Proves who the real yidden are in this picture
    May the hijackers of Torah Judaism rot.

  4. If he runs a cult, as YWN says (I agree) why do you continually give this charlatan con-man the title “Rabbi.” Call him what he is… the “Jewish” Jim Jones or David Koresh.

  5. The posters who continually provide rationalizations for the actions of this convicted sexual abuser and his hoodlums need to question their actions. Yes, the police in EY (and indeed everywhere) have their own issues, but the documented actions of this wretched excuse for a yid whose actions reek of chilul hashem wherever he goes should be enough for even the most skeptical poster.

  6. What makes them a “cult”? Being as the Oxford dictionary defines “cult” as “a relatively small group of people having religious beliefs or practices regarded by others as strange or sinister” so shouldn’t Judaism also be considered a cult? We are a “small group of people” whose “religious beliefs or practices regarded by others as strange or sinister” (for example waving chickens around our heads Erev the holiest day in the Jewish year). Nu nu, they have different minhagim than us, so as long as their stringencies don’t interfere with our religion, let them be in peace.