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A New Neighborhood is Planned to Expand Abu Gosh

The Committee for Preferred Housing has approved a plan for a new neighborhood in Abu Gosh, including 650 apartments, 20 dunam (5 acres) for public space, an industrial zone and 40 dunam (10 acres) of open areas and parks. Abu Gosh is an Israeli Arab municipality located next to Telshe Stone.

The committee last week gave its stamp of approval for the new neighborhood of Abu Gosh, in the northeastern area of the existing community, to add 650 apartments in residential buildings up to four stories high. In addition to the apartments, there will be 20 dunam of public space and 40 dunam for open area and public parks. In addition, the plan calls for 37,000 square meters of commercial space and 2,000 additional square meters of space to provide employment opportunities in the future towards assisting the residents in sustaining themselves and cutting unemployment figures in Abu Gosh.

The plan is based on the approved outline for the community, which is in line with its vision for future development and increasing housing opportunities in Abu Gosh. The proposed construction permits for quality housing while utilizing the land on the one hand and maintaining the customary residential scheme in the community on the other. It also meets the high demand for tourism in the community and therefore, it contains the possibility of converting residential properties to rental units for tourists.

It is explained the plan joins the Western Quarter plan approved in 2017 and represents another significant step in the development of the community and alleviating the housing shortage experienced by residents. It also increases the public area and provides opportunity for increased area employment and thereby strengthening the economic base, and ultimately provide a significant quality of life improvement for Abu Gosh residents.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

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