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WATCH THIS: Netanyahu and Pompeo Honored in Psagot With ‘Yamim Al Yimei Melech’ Song

Former Secretary of State for the United States Mike Pompeo is currently visiting Israel, and visited numerous places in Samaria on Sunday. At first, he spent some time visiting ancient Shiloh before traveling to the winery in Psagot. While there, he was joined by former Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu who now leads the opposition in the Knesset.

The visit in Psagot was a ceremony set up to honor Pompeo’s work towards assisting the settlement movement and was attended by all of the heads of the municipalities throughout Judea and Samaria. As Pompeo and Netanyahu walked in, the music changed to the song ‘Yamim al Yimei Melech’, which is the same song that is played when Roshei Yeshiva walk in.

The Psagot winery inaugurated a new line of wine in 2019 that was given the name Pompeo in honor of the American recognition of the legality of the settlement movement in Judea and Samaria.

Pompeo said during his speech at the event that “When I joined the government, it was very important for me to be someone who speaks the truth. When I was a citizen, it was important for me to take my family to the Golan Heights and show them how Israeli autonomy in the Golan and Judea and Samaria was unassailable.”

He continued, “We had the opportunity to make the most important move and that was to declare that the towns in Judea and Samaria were an integral and indivisible part of the Jewish State, and I was happy that we did it. I pray to God that in the merit of our united faith that God will be with you.”

Netanyahu praised Pompeo and said: “Everyone needs an ally. There is no greater ally than the United States and there is no greater ally than Mike. As we walk here in the hills and streets of Judea and Samaria, we see Jewish history on every side and with each step. Israel is the hope of many nations, and together with the United States and with the help of God, we will continue to show Israel’s strength throughout the entire world.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

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  1. Headline reads ” WATCH THIS”. Why should we? It’s a DISGRACE! Since when should bare-headed politicians with non-tzniyusdik wives be honoured with actions and praises usually reserved for Gedolei Torah? It makes a mockery of Kovod haTorah. Typical of people who make up their own Torah and decide themselves who are Gedolei Torah without referring back to our true Gedolim.

  2. Calm down folks. They were showing appreciation to pompeo. It’s just a song, and it’s not written anywhere it may only be sung for certain people at certain times. Get a hold of yourselves , or maybe a job.

  3. This is not the first time they have been Mechalel Shem Shamayaim in playing that song for this Zionist. Unfortunately, as Chazal tell us, shaani meenus diMushchei, heresy is unusually alluring, and that’s exactly what this is.

    The Zionist government, according to the Chazon Ish and others, is not a government but a band of thugs. Therefore, that Zionist idolater never was a “king” of any kind.

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