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WATCH: Elad Axe Terrorists Reenact Attack In Front Of Police Cameras

The Elad terrorists reenacted their bloodthirsty murder spree in front of the cameras only hours after they were apprehended, Channel 13 News revealed on Monday night.

Under heavy guard and with their feets and hands handcuffed, the terrorists were brought to the murder scene during the pre-dawn hours of Monday morning. Border Police officers closed off the [empty] streets, and police investigators and Shin Bet operatives accompanied the terrorists as they repeated the murderous steps they took on Thursday night in front of the cameras of the Central District Police.

The terrorists demonstrated how they first murdered Oren Ben-Yiftach, h’yd, inside his car and then waited there for hours until it grew dark. They then left the car and went down to the park, where they murdered Yonatan Chabakuk, h’yd, and Boaz Gal, h’yd. The police investigators reviewed and recorded every detail, including the terrorists’ escape route.

The details the terrorists revealed during the renactment will be used to convict them of the three murders and send them to prison for the rest of their lives.

During their interrogation, the terrorists said they have no connection to Hamas and decided on their own to commit the attack.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

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  1. for the rest of their lives ….or until some left wingers decide it is humanitarian or politically expedient to release them. Why is there no death penalty for such heinous acts???

  2. if Israel implements the death penalty what happens to jews that kill arabs will you also put them to death? i think putting pig blood in all bullets and bombs and missiles will be a greater deterrent as they can’t go to heaven with 72 v……..

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