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Rare Warning From Shin Bet After Violent Leftists With Torches Breach Barriers At PM’s Residence

Anarchy reigned in Jerusalem on Tuesday evening as leftists held violent protests in the city outside the Knesset and then bearing torches, continued to the Prime Minister’s residence where they violently breached barriers and engaged in clashes with the police.

A police officer was injured when a rioter threw an iron barrier at him and another rioter threw a torch at a police officer on a horse.

The police published footage of the incident:

One of the protesters crawled underneath the police truck carrying a water cannon, preventing the police from using it to disperse the protesters, and refused orders to crawl out. Police officers sprayed him with skunk spray and then forcibly pulled him out and arrested him.

Only five protesters were arrested, including the rioters who threw a torch and another rioter who lay under the truck.

Ex-prime minister Ehud Barak, who just over a month ago, amid a war,  urged leftists to besiege the Knesset and more than once warned that people may lose their lives in an anarchist uprising he began planning years ago, spoke at the protest.

Shin Bet chief Ronen Bar made a rare statement following the protest, saying: “The violent discourse online and some of the scenes we saw tonight in Jerusalem go beyond the accepted rules of protest, harm our ability to maintain public order and could lead to violent friction with security forces, hinder them from fulfilling their duties and can even pose a threat to protected individuals. There is a clear line between a legitimate protest and a violent and illegal protest. This is a troubling trend that could lead to dangerous situations that should not be reached.”

Numerous security officials, politicians and Israelis on the street have commented that the violence at recent protests has crossed red lines and could chas v’chalilah lead to bloodshed.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

7 Responses

  1. this in a so called jewish state. This leftist are more danger then every goy. No din and dajan. And the high court is quitte. Why because they not chareidim but leftist like the judges of the Highcourt as well.And Hamas is laughing to see this chaos in Israel.
    But this leftist they dont think? Look at ther faces only hat?
    They are not Jewish like their commanders Lapid an his friends

  2. But the badies are the Chareidim for learning Torah instead of going to the Army…
    They don’t mean the army, they want the burn the country and anything that’s left of Judaism in it
    They should be treated as traitors with many years of prison (just wait Biden & Co will criticise Israel for being undemocratic…).

  3. מורד במלכות חייבים מיתה so the police 🚔 shouldn’t even hesitate to shoot them, including אהוד ברק ימח שמו וזכרונו for instigating this evil wicked corruption & disturbance of the peace

  4. Ehud Barak is a traitor and an animal with no regard for law and order and human lives.
    He belongs being locked up for incitement to violence.

  5. He crawls under the police truck, starts to get wet, and he conveniently pulls a Ziplock bag out of his pocket to protect his stupidphone. At least he knows what’s truly important in life.

  6. Ehud Barak and Ehud Olmert are evil wicked members of the erev rav. Rishaim arurim. Their days are numbered and will be gone with the coming of Moshiach.

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