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WATCH: Trump Says “They’re Not Wrong” As Rally Chants “Genocide Joe”

At a rally in Schnecksville, Pennsylvania, on Saturday, Donald Trump appeared to endorse some of his supporters who were chanting “genocide Joe,” in reference to President Joe Biden’s handling of the Middle East conflict.

“They’re not wrong,” Trump said, “He’s done everything wrong.”

“Genocide Joe” is a phrase used by pro-Palestine protesters to slam Biden for unconditionally backing Israel for its offensive against Gaza, in the aftermath of the October 7 massacre by Hamas.

Trump’s apparent approval of the phrase was surprising, given his prior enthusiastic backing for Israel’s offensive.

However, at the rally, Trump also expressed his support for the Jewish state. “God bless the people of Israel. They are under attack right now,” he said.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

5 Responses

  1. Trump is even more pro israel, “genocidal” according to the pro hamas protesters.
    But if someone attacks Biden they can’t be wrong, right?

  2. Why was the tape cut right there?
    What he said next would clearly show if he took it as “a phrase used by pro-Palestine protesters”! – – – ?

  3. He’s 100% right, they’re not wrong. The “genocide” that’s going on is largely Biden’s fault. The entire conflict would not have been happening without his having given Iran all that money and sanctions relief. Since he took office he has continued 0bama’s policy of deliberately building Iran up to be a regional power in order to “take the USA down a notch”. Which is treason.

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