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WATCH: UK Foreign Sec. Slams BBC For Refusing To Call “Dreadful, Inhuman” Hamas A Terror Group

British Foreign Secretary David Cameron earlier this week criticized the BBC for its refusal to call Hamas “terrorists.”

In an interview with BBC on Sunday, Cameron said that the broadcasting organization should reconsider its guidelines.

Speaking a day after Hamas released a video of British-Israeli hostage Nadav Popplewell, Cameron said; “Like everyone else, I watched the video on Twitter, X, last night, put out by Hamas of Nadav answering a question as to who he was. And I watched that video and you just think, what callous people they are to do that, to play with the family’s emotions in that way.”

Cameron added that he met Popplewell’s family and knows what “heartbreak they’ve been going through for over 200 days.”

“And when you see what Hamas are prepared to do, you just realize the terrible, dreadful, inhuman people, frankly, that we are dealing with.”

“Maybe it’s a moment actually for the BBC to ask itself again, should we describe these people as terrorists? They are terrorists. If you kidnap grandmothers, if you kidnap babies, if you rape people, if you shoot children in front of their parents — what more do they need to do for the BBC to say ‘look, these are terrorists?’ They really are.”

Cameron was also interviewed by Sky News on Sunday and said that “an Israeli arms embargo would only strengthen Hamas.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

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  1. Why is he treating it as if everyone is entitled to their own opinion, just that he happens to disagree with the BBC’s?
    Hamas is a legally defined terrorist organisation, and supporting a legally defined terrorist organisation is a criminal offense. The de facto propaganda support the BBC is giving Hamas by refusing to call them terrorists is directly supporting their cause by legitimising them. The BBC needs to be criminally prosecuted for that, not politely disagreed with!!

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