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STARVING THEIR OWN: IDF Find Tons Of Stolen Humanitarian Aid In Hamas Hideouts

IDF soldiers from the Nahal Brigade found large quantities of food intended for humanitarian aid in Hamas hideouts in the Zeitoun neighborhood of Gaza. The food, which came from international aid shipments, was forcibly taken by Hamas and distributed first to its operatives and only then to some Gazans in the northern Gaza Strip.

According to a report by Yoav Zitun on Ynet, the food was found alongside weapons caches in Hamas strongholds, revealing the terror organization’s exploitation of humanitarian aid for its own benefit.

Relatedly, opposition Leader MK Yair Lapid condemning protesters who blocked aid trucks en route to Gaza, stating that such actions “directly damage security interests, undermine international relations, and serve only Hamas.”

In response, the Tzav 9 protest organization, which has been leading attempts to block aid convoys, accused Lapid of supporting “terror funding” and urged him to “repent” and “choose correctly.”

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

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  1. Hamas is the elected government of Gaza, and has publicly stated on behalf of the people who voted them in, that the people of Gaza desires martyrdom, and that by starving them, denying them medical care, and using them as human shields, they are fulfilling the will of the people. Note that they haven’t had a new election is a generation, and seem very reluctant to have free elections (though since they execute anyone who disagrees with them, they shouldn’t have a problem – but don’t expect them to agree to a cease-fire that results in anyone else conducting new elections).

    The Israelis should be insisting that peacekeepers from countries friendly to Israel be in charge of food distribution, something Hamas will object to.

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