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MOVING FOOTAGE: A Heartbreaking Look At The 45 Meron Kedoshim As We Mark The Third Yartzheit

Lag Baomer marks the third Yartzheit of the 45 victims of of the horrific tragedy at Meron on Lag Baomer.

YWN mourns their loss along with Klal Yisroel as we mark the third Yartzheit of these Kedoshim Z”L.

Last year, prior to lighting the main Medurah at Kever Rashbi, the Boyaner Rebbe lit 45 Yartzheit Candles.

This year, do to the Kever being closed due to the ongoing war, around 30 people who lost relatives in the Meron disaster will be allowed to participate in a tefillah at the tzion.

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  1. Thank you TYN for posting this! This must be posted each year lest we חלילה forget the קרבנות עולה that they were, or maybe קרבנות חטאת for our דור!

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