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H’YD: Noa & Nir Barnes, Parents Of 3, Murdered By Hezbollah Fire

The two Israelis killed on Tuesday in a Hezbollah rocket barrage were identified on Wednesday as Noa and Nir Barnes, H’yd, parents of three children, aged 13, 16, and 18.

The Barnes, z’l, both aged 46, were on their way to their home on Kibbutz Ortal in northern Ramat HaGolan when their car suffered a direct rocket hit, igniting it on fire.

They were both rescued from their vehicle in critical condition but the paramedics confirmed their deaths at the scene.

Their deaths increase the toll of Israelis killed by Hezbollah fire in the north since the start of the war to 28, including 11 civilians and 17 soldiers.

“Kibbutz Ortal mourns our two members, Noa and Nir Barnes who were killed by a direct hit on their car,” a statement from the kibbutz said. “Noa and Nir were central and beloved members of Ortal. They came to Ortal in 2012. The Ortal community is strong and close-knit. We support the family and will help them cope with the situation.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

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