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An Alert IDF Soldier Prevents a Terror Attack

idf sniper.jpgAn alert soldier at the Beit Iba Checkpoint west of Shechem prevented a terror attack on Sunday.

The soldier felt an Arab male crossing the military inspection station appeared strange, prompting her to call attention to him. Her actions prevented nine pipe bombs from entering into Israel; bombs that authorities believe were intended for use during Sukkos.

The soldier, assigned to the military police stopped the male who was found to be transporting three bombs in his tool box. To other PA (Palestinian Authority) residents were also found to be carrying a total of six pipe bombs in their tool boxes as they attempted to pass the checkpoint.

Corporal Nigsat Kasa instructed the first man to open his tool box but he refused. She opened it and found the explosive devices under his clothing. She immediately chambered a bullet in her weapon and called for the checkpoint supervisor. The events that followed led to the discovery of the other bombs as well.

The IDF, Israel Police and other agencies remain on high alert over Sukkos and Defense Minister Ehud Barak has imposed a general closure on all PA residents during the first day of Yomtov. The situation will be reevaluated on Tuesday morning, the first day Chol Hamoed, at which time the closure may be lifted.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)

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  1. “She opened it and found the explosive devices under his clothing. She immediately chambered a bullet in her weapon and called for the checkpoint supervisor”

    this young woman who faces death from arab murderers every day, stands her post with an empty gun!?
    she is allowed to put a single bullet into it only when she is certain the arab that stands before her is intent on the horrors of murder and maiming!?
    then she is required to seek guidance from a superior before definitive action!?

    anyone to whom it is not perfectly clear that this “medinah” is utterly foolish, backwards, hopelessly crooked, and an obsequious slave to world opinion, should rethink their position…

    checkpoints manned by a cadre of barney fifes!

  2. Chasdei Hashem.
    We should always remember to be thankful to soldiers and security personnel, male or female. One never knows who will be the messenger of HKB”H. Remember, it can either be a Devorah or Barak!

  3. Feivel,

    I’m assuming based on your reply that you don’t have a West Point education nor have you served in the IDF (which I had the honor to do). I assure you the soldier in question had a magazine full of bullets already inserted in the weapon and was ready for action. Chambering a round is a separate action (all the soldiers you see in Israel with magazines in their weapon do NOT have a round chambered). Chambering is achieved in less than a second by pulling back on the charging handle. Due to safety precautions and the surprising ease of accidental weapon discharges, soldiers at checkpoints do not chamber a round until right before they intend to fire or as part of a warning procedure. This is very standard operating procedure. While your criticisms of the medinah are yours to express, your seeming lack of military expertise makes this incident a difficult “proof” for your argument. Many of the young men and women manning these checkpoints are forced to face challenges (moral, mental and physical) that one can’t understand until one has stood where they stand (and at such a young age).
    Good Yom Tov,

  4. thank you for setting me straight kamocha

    i seriously misunderstood the meaning of chambering a round

    this then is, as you say in no way a proof.

    and by the way, im not sure why you felt it necessary to defend the soldiers of the idf, i neither said nor had in mind anything to denigrate them.

  5. i’ve said it numerous times — before every “machsom” there should be a team of our friends “abbas people” stationed there, to do their security checks”. followed by our “machsom”. if we find something they didnt find, the “abbas people’s” homes get blown up. or rather — five homes. for each of the eight pipe bombs.

    so much for our good friends the “abbas people”, aka “palestinian authority”

    (macsom = roadblock.)

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