Bayit HaYehudi Finds a Solution to End Internal Crisis


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Bayit HaYehudi Party officials have reached a solution to end the conflict surrounding the party leader’s refusal to step down as MK if appointed as a cabinet minister.

The MKs wish to implement the Norwegian Law when party leader Rabbi Dr. Daniel Hershkowitz becomes a minister, permitting Nissan Slomianski to enter Knesset, but Slomianski will leave and Hershkowitz will receive his Knesset slot back if Hershkowitz ceases to serve as a minister in the future.

Bayit Yehudi, which earned a mere three seats, represents the remnants of the now-defunct National Religious Party (Mafdal). Realizing its representation is marginal at best, party members decided that if Hershkowitz receives a cabinet post, he must resign as an MK to permit the next man on the list to enter Knesset. The party leader opposed, fearing at some time in the future, he will find himself out of the Knesset. If the Likud coalition negotiators accept their stipulation, it appears the party’s internal conflict is now an issue of the past.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)