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Jerusalem Councilman Deutsch Concerned Over Chabad Kindergarten Dispute

Jerusalem chareidi councilman R’ Yosef Deutsch is meeting with Yahadut HaTorah MKs to discuss a number of problems, including a Chabad kindergarten located in Jerusalem’s Katamon neighborhood.

The kindergarten currently exists in unacceptable conditions despite the city allocating an area for the kindergarten which is functioning in compliance to zoning laws.

The area Chabad shaliach, Rav Tamir Kastiel, has complied with municipal regulations, and has received the necessary approval from neighbors. One neighbor however, who is adamant in his opposition to the kindergarten, appears unwilling to take no for an answer and even though city officials have rejected his opposition, he is continuing his effort to prevent the kindergarten from moving into the newly-allocated area.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)

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