Belzer Chassidim Caught in Elevator After Shabbos Began


belz.jpgA little over a year since the last incident, involving the same elevator, 18 Belzer Chassidim were caught in an elevator in the main Belze Beis Medrash in Yerushalayim well after the start of shabbos. They were extricated by fire rescue officials.

The 18 entered the elevator shortly before shkiah, and it broke down. After a relatively short period of time, others realized what had happened. Gabba’im tried a number of actions to free the elevator, without success, prompting the decision to summon fire rescue service.

They were released without incident, with some requiring oxygen and beverage but there are no reports that anyone trapped inside required transport to hospital.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)


  1. What were they thinking?!? 18 people in one elevator?!! they should be grateful that the cable did not snap with the weight! what a chillul HaShem, making those evil zionist fire rescue people to mechalel shabbat to rescue some shomer shabbat chassidim that were to busy to think in using the stairs for a change.

  2. 1,

    You must be a mayvin to know that the elevator couldnt handle the weight??? Please tell us how you came to that conclusion.

    Did you ever think that the elevator was a big one? I have been on elevators with much more than 18 people on them!

  3. To#3 how do I know this, I guess having a father that worked as an elevator mechanic for almost 40 yrs should give me the knowledge to know what I’m talking about, plus have you ever been at the shul in Yerushalayim, maybe not, I on the other hand been there many times, and the elevator in question is not that big to hold 18 people, may be 10-12 the most. And to # 6, do you know me personally to call me an anti-Semite, you and your ilk need to do chesbon nefesh and ask for forgiveness from all the people that you insult without actually knowing, I’m willing to meet you personally here in Yerushalayim anytime so that you can call me that in person.

  4. u guys really have no life that ur fighting over the size of an elevator!!! Do u even chap what ur fighting about???
    Get a life guys, maybe start thinking about the yom hadin approaching instead of causing strife because of some dumb elevator.
    seriously!!! get a life!!!