Shalit Mediator Returning to the Region


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Baruch Hashem, it appears all hope is not lost and the German mediator working between Israel and Hamas is scheduled to return to the region at month’s end. According to reports, this will be his final attempt, and he is expected to tell both Israel and Hamas that if his efforts fail again, he is washing his hands of the matter.

Earlier this week, while visiting Russia, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu released a message that Israel’s previous offer to Hamas was Jerusalem’s last and his administration will not be exhibiting increased flexibility on the prisoner release issue.

Hamas official Khaled Meshal, based in Damascus, released numerous messages that the deadlocked talks are entirely Israel’s fault, adding Hamas will only move ahead with the release if Israel agrees to the release of all terrorists appearing on the Hamas list.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)