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Ten Israeli Neo-Nazis Arrested In Petach Tikvah

as.jpgTen teenagers from Petach Tikvah were arrested on suspicion of membership in a local neo-Nazi cell. According to police, the cell is headed by 19-year-old Eli Buanitov, a city resident known as ‘Nazi Eli’. Buanitov is suspected of having led his peers in cruel attacks on innocent by-standers, including minorities as well as men wearing yarmulkes. All but one of the group members are non-Jewish immigrants from the former Soviet Union.

An investigation into the group was launched over a year ago, in response to two separate incidents of neo-Nazi graffiti in Petach Tikvah. In March 2006, swastikas were spray-painted on walls of a synagogue in the city, with the words ‘White Power’ written above them. Walls of an adjacent apartment building bore the words “death to Jews” in red paint, along with the letters ‘WP’. 

Two months later, swastikas were painted on a main street in Petach Tikvah.

(Source: Ynet)

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  1. Russians non-Jews are the worst vermon. It is a shanda that the gov’t allowed non-Jewish Russians into the country (some disguised as Jews under the law of return.)

  2. The Jewish Agency responsible for all these anti-Semite Israelis is a moronic organization. It just shows how people who refuse to be guided by the Torah act like imbeciles.

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