Restore Rabbi Reich’s Mikvah & Synagogue

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In 1990, Rabbi Avraham Riech founded Hatzolas
Yisrael, one of the first kiruv organizations in Brooklyn for Russian
Jews. Witnessing the dire needs of this refugee community, Rabbi Reich
took it upon himself to help get their children into Jewish schools and
launch adult educational programming, raising talmudic scholars as well
as successful, intelligent professionals. What began as 12 children and
their parents seeking to rediscover and reclaim their heritage, has now
grown into a thriving community of hundreds throughout the New York area
and across the globe. In addition to his work in education, Rabbi Riech
operates a food pantry for families in need, providing kosher meat,
groceries, bread, and food for Shabbat. And at the center of it all is
the spiritual nourishment and guidance Rabbi Riech has given for over
thirty years, through daily classes in Chumash, Halachah, Mishnah,
Gemara, and more. Each year, dozens of bar mitzvah boys are mentored
under Rabbi Reich and receive his gifts of siddur, tallit and tefillin.
Countless Brit Milahs are performed for males ranging in age from 8 days
to 65 years. And many couples celebrate Jewish marriage in his
synagogue, where their weddings are co-sponsored by Rabbi Reich. In
2006, a mikveh was built providing the beauty of family purity to more
than 300 women each month. Four years ago, a devastating fire destroyed
Rabbi Reich’s synagogue and part of the mikvah. Today, Rabbi Reich and
his community are asking for your support to make much needed repairs
and renovations to the community synagogue and mikvah, enabling all to

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