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New Fascinating Sefer by HaRav Pinson שליט”א

The time period we are in now, from the second day of Pesach until Shavuos are the days of Sefiras HaOmer, called Chol HaMoed by the Ramban, yet, also known as the days of longing for Matan Torah,as the Medrash teaches, and a general time of mourning the death of the Talmidei Rabbi Akiva. 

The AriZal revealed that these days are called Katnus /smallness, that comes before the ultimate Gadlus /greatness of Matan Torah. 
This book by Rav Pinson: “The Month of Iyyar: Evolving the Self / Lag B’Omer” explores the nature of this time period in great depth, ranging from the Peshat to the Sod of these very powerful times. 
Following the miraculous birth into freedom on Pesach, the gift that HaKodsh Baruch Hu grants us on Pesach night, we need to do the Avodah so that when we reach Matan Torah we will truly receive the Torah.

There are four parts to this book: 

Part One: 
The Month of Iyyar 
Between Self-Expression andSoul-Development ====
Part Two: 
Lag b’Omer 
An in-depth explorationinto the roots and significance of this special day
Part Three: 
Customs & Practices of Lag b’Omer: 
Chapter 1: Bonfires
Chapter 2: Meron — The Burial Site of Rashbi
Chapter 3: Bow & Arrow
Chapter 4: Parades
Chapter 5:  Upsherin
Chapter 6:  Zohar Studyand Songs in Honor of Rashbi
Part Four : 
Essays on the Omer Period and Lag b’Omer   
Chapter 1: Creating Balance through Counting the Omer
Chapter 2: Hod shebe’Hod / Splendor of Splendor
Chapter 3: Longing to See the Face of Elokim
Chapter 4:Unifying Separation
This Sefer among the other 40 Sefarim by Rav Pinson can be purchased all all fine Jewish books and Sefarim stores, or online at 

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