Triplets Separated At Birth, Reunited

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Three Israeli triplets were separated after their mother, who was suffering from cancer, died shortly after giving birth. Their grieving father was unable to take care of three newborns, logistically and financially, in addition to mourning his wife and raising his other children. The three babies were sent to live with three different families, and for some years they longed to reunite.

Recently the family came back together, and the estranged siblings were delighted to be together once more. Unfortunately, however, the shadow of loss still hangs over them in the form of poverty. Their father still struggles to support them single handedly, to the extent that Rosh Yeshiva Rav Chaim Feinstein personally took their case to the offices of Rav Chaim Kanievsky to appeal on their behalf.

Rav Chaim heard the case and was moved. The following bracha was extended to all those who give tzedaka to help this family during their time of severe need:

“All who donate to them shall merit, midah k’neged midah, that they and their offspring will have longevity for all their generations, and raise their children and marry them off in the lifetimes of their father and mother!”

It is a powerful blessing during this particularly chaotic time in history. Those who are able to join the rabbanim in helping this very needy family can do so here for a limited time.