MATANOT LOEVYONIM, A family with 7 Sick Children With Cystic Fibrosis



This miraculous segulah might change your life forever; and for the best! Remember this is for the next 48 hours only – beginning now until the end of Purim!

It’s brought down from the Sefer Kav Hayoshor and from many other Tzadikkim, that whoever will pour out his heart in prayer, and mention the merit of Mordecai and Esther – in this very next 48 hours, all his prayers will be answered with compassion and all his wishes will be granted! Whoever stretches out their hand, will receive!

Take into consideration, that in order to refrain from any kitrug that may withhold your prayers from being accepted, it is recommended to take upon yourself this wonderful Kaballah – that for the next 48 hours – whoever stretches out the hand to you – you will not let him go empty.

This being said, there is no doubt, that the same way you will act with kindness to your fellow brother, Hashem will act with you and fulfill all your wishes and prayers with great mercy.

At this opportunity I will stretch out my hands for the sake of the Basch Family from Yerushalayim, who have seven sick children with a disastrous chronic disease; cystic fibrosis. Sadly, this genetic illness causes severe damage to the lungs, digestive system, and other organs in the body; a disease with no cure!

Yes, I will give them a hand and donate!

It’s almost needless to mention, that not only are the parents physically and emotionally drained by their effortless care for their beloved children, but they also have the additional burden of the never-ending medical expenses, to provide the very best care and improve the quality of their children’s lives.

Yes, I will give them a hand and donate!

Rachmanim Bnei Rachmanim, reading this shouldn’t leave us idle for even one minute without taking immediate action on behalf of this family in critical need. Let’s all unite together, open our hearts with generosity, and provide their outstretched hands with the funds they so desperately need. You can be sure, that your contribution today, will make a major impact on the lives of these seven beautiful children.

May Hashem bless you with a Freilichen Purim, Simchas and Nachas in good health.

Michoel Rottenberg, Lakewood

For more information, please call: Rabbi Michoel Rottenberg, 908-670-1577

Checks can be made out to: Congregation Bais Mordechai, Keren Basch, 1455 Heathwood Ave, 08701 Lakewood, NJ.