Ohr Somayach Building Campaign: Phase One


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Dedicate a Virtual Brick in memory of…, l’refuah shleimah…, in honor of …, in our NEW Complex – our first building project in over 40 years.

For 46 years Ohr Somayach has been powering Jewish education and transforming Jewish lives throughout the world. As a global pioneer, we have worked with and helped to enrich the lives of thousands of students. Yet, in all this time, Ohr Somayach has not altered or enlarged the facilities since the original building in 1977.

Since opening our doors in 1972 more than 20,000 young Jewish men have studied in Ohr Somayach. Now is the time to build a 21st century facility for 21st century Jews.

Today, quadruple your power for Ohr Somayach in our Virtual Brick Campaign

Today your donation goes four times farther. For every dollar you donate, our matching donors will give $3 dollars—$4 for the gift of $1! e.g. $180 becomes $720.

Dedicate One Brick and we get FOUR!!

For only 30 Hours – your gift combines with others’ to achieve our goal.

And It’s All or Nothing.

Your donation is processed only if the campaign reaches its goal.

Your support will allow us to power Jewish education, transform Jewish Lives, and build the new Ohr Somayach Beis Hamedrash Complex.

After all, every Jew is entitled to a Jewish education.