Beis Medrash Of Kehillas Chaverim In Nachlaot Now Accepting New Talmidim


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Kehillat Chaverim, the anglo-centered community of young Olim in Nachlaot is proud to announce the opening of it’s new Halacha Beis Medrash.

Kollel Chaverim has been the Beis HaMedrash program of the Kehilla for the past year. Since its founding, the Kollel has been primarily home to young avreichim from the community. With the Kehilla on a trajectory of growth, the Beis HaMedrash is excited to open its doors to additional talmidim.

The aim of Kollel Chaverim is to create a center of high-level, committed Talmud Torah in the center of Yerushalayim with an emphasis on Halacha.

The Kollel offers an in-depth curriculum spanning from early sources to contemporary Poskim. Each diligent member of the Kollel will בעזרת ה’ gain a comprehensive understanding of the relevant Sugyos and their practical application.

“the dream and vision from the outset was to have a community, here in Yerushalayim, with Avodas HaShem at its center,” says HaRav Shimon Garbose, Rosh Kollel as well as Rav of Chaverim. “The Beis HaMedrash is a realization of this.”


For Ka’yitz Zman, the Kollel will have two possible programs running simultaneously, the first in Hilchos Shabbos, and a second in Choshen Mishpat.

Those who are sucsuccessful in the Kollel’s curriculum will be able to take the exam of the רבנות הראשית לישראל.

The programs’ learning schedules will be from 09:00 to 13:30, Sunday through Thursday and will begin on Monday Rosh Chodesh Iyar (6th of May).

Registration to the Kollel will end on Thursday, the 27th of Nissan (2nd of May). Potential Talmidim are asked to contact the Kehilla for arranging a meeting with the Rosh Kollel.


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