Kiryas Yoel: Satmar Cheder evacuated


About 200 boys were evacuated from a Satmar Cheder this morning after two of them fainted, triggering fears of a carbon monoxide leak in the building.

Those fears turned out to be unfounded. Firefighters are still checking the vacated Satmar Cheder, but no trace of a gas leak has been found, according to the state police and Moses Witriol, the village’s public safety director.

The initial report — which came a little after 9 a.m. — of “a large gas leak” with four or five children down sparked a massive emergency response. Ambulances, the personal vehicles of emergency medical technicians and Kiryas Joel fire trucks lined the blocked-off street.

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  1. There are only 2 cheders in kiryas joel and only 1 is called satmar and the other is called vayoel moshe where people who used to be satmar Chasidim didn’t like the new satmar rabbi although his father told for rabbi hertzka zwibel that he only wants hat his oldest son should become his follower
    The 3rd cheder is called benei yoel tat is outside of kiryas joel in the town of Monroe where residents of kiryas joel send their children there

  2. yoel7281
    What are you talking about, they are in-fact three Satmar cheders in Kiryas Joel. 1) Rebeani Yoel D’Satmar (affiliated with Satmar-Kiryas Yoel Rebee), 2) Vayoel Moshe D’Satmar (affiliated with Satmar Rebee), 3) Bnei Yoel D’Satmar (affiliated with Rabbi Leitner).