Rabbi Metzger: Continue work at Kosel!


metzger.jpgArutz 7 is reporting that Ashkenazi Chief Rabbi Yona Metzger visited the site at the Kosel where the controversial construction is taking place, and urged officials to continue work on the project despite a decision by the Yerushalayim Mayor, Uri Lupolianski to suspend plans to complete the work.

Archaeologists are continuing to dig in the area, but Mayor Uri Lupolianski said he would hold up the actual work on a new bridge until the entire process is rechecked and all parties can state their positions. Rabbi Metzger stated, “The Temple Mount belongs to the Jews; it is forbidden to give in.”



  1. Did anyone consider the fact that Lupolianski’s hands are tied? someone is pushing for “his” decision….the oilom is now afraid to make a move that might wake up the beheimos to more rioting etc…

  2. just because it belongs to the jews? doesn’t sound too compelling. in fact it sounds baryoinish to me lulei dvorov. I don’t know his reasoning why this should be doche korais. see my comment on the previous entry. This that they go up anyways for security isn’t a very good reason to do things that make them in more.

  3. Yup we do need it. I was davening at the kosel when the ARAB NUTSOO started screaming and throwing garbage. The quickest way for the Border Police to ascend to the Mt. was UP THE RAMP.

  4. Ramp, why,.. keep digging down to the foundation and let us all enter the Beis Hamidash using the original stairs.

    We MUST not forget that with all the hooplah about arabs and their mosques. IN ORDER FOR US TO REBUILD OUR HOLY TEMPLE ALL THEIR garbage has first to be cleared away.

    Let us all be worthy of clearing the temple mount for the reconstruction. Let pray for MOSHIAH NOW

  5. It should be noted that the archaeological excavation works taking place in the area are to continue in the next eight months as planned, as they are unrelated to the construction of the new bridge. And the construction was not slated to begin until 8 months from now!