VIDEO & PHOTOS: First Selichos By The Kosel On Motzei Shabbos – Elul 5772


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Jews of all colors gathered by the Kosel in the early hours of Sunday morning for the start of Selichos in the week preceding Rosh Hashana. HaRav Addas and HaRav Levi were among the rabbonim who lead the selichos on motzei shabbos, gathering large crowds.

Credits: Kuvien Images –

Click HERE to see the photos.

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(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. Harav Addas shlita has been saying selihot for almost two weeks already now along with the rest of the bnei edot hamizrah… please be a little more accurate with your articles, it is the first selichos for the bnei ashkenaz alone

  2. I assume you mean Ashkenazi selichos, since our Sefardi brothers have been saying selichos since Rosh Chodesh.

    In any case, may all the tefilos be niskabel, and may all of Klal Yisroel be zocheh to a kesiva vachasima tovah.