WATCH: Raging Rudy Giuliani Destroys Obama’s Policies on Islamism and Iran


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  1. Giuliani is BRILLIANTLY LIVID as he should be. Whoever thinks Giuliani is wrong, might unfortunately only rethink it all, when ISIS comes to vist, G-d forbid!

    Ain Somchin Al Hanes!

  2. Rudi for president, he is the only politician that gets it, if I remember correctly he kicked out Yasser Arafat from Madison Square Garden, he just makes a lot of sense

  3. Wow this is such a comfort that there are still some normal people in this country who care when innocent people are being killed. If we could get someone like Rudy for president in 2016 that would be amazing abigezugt- why is he radical because he’s ready to actually take action unlike Obama the talker . Well said Giuliani!! Everything was sooo on target

  4. It wasnt Madison Square Garden, it was Lincoln Center and a concert sponsored by NYC celebrating the 50th anniversary of the founding of the UN.

  5. I remember back then “Jewish” establishment were tripping all over themselves to lick Arafat’s boots (yamach shmo). Even Abe Foxman from ADL read a riot act to Giuliani, how dear he was to be so rude to Arafat(yamach shmo).