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PHOTOS & VIDEOS: Protest March Near Meah Shearim Against ‘Segregation’

A few dozen activists marched near Meah Shearim on Hoshana Rabbah after finally receiviing a permit for their protest against “female segregation” in the streets of Meah Shearim. While the heavy security forces that accomanied (and ironically happened to largley outnumber the protesters) kept local male residents from saying their piece, the local women who did confront the group stated in no uncertain terms what their opinion on the matter was. In anticipation of a confrontation, there was a large media presence on site, though they were disappointed, as the police ended the protest before it even reached Kikar Shabbat. Looking for a charedi opinion on the subject, a Reuters TV crew did not quite expect to happen upon Mishpacha Magazine’s News Editor Binyomin Rose, who did a phenomenal job of defending the charedi position whilst making a kiddush Hashem,

Click HERE for photos.

Credits: Yehuda Boltshauser / Kuvien Images

(YWN – Israel Desk)

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  1. these protesters are just abusive leftists and westerners; with an agenda of idolatry. after the “pride parade” and now these protesters im rethinking islam. they dont have these problems. to me this is completely unacceptable, if we had the numbers that islam does this act would have triggered explosive violence, its not fair that we are having our faces rubbed in the dirt when our hands are tied behind our backs.

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