Satmar: Governor’s Visit to Rebbe Secured Tuition Assistance Program for Yeshivas


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After several years of intensive efforts led by the leaders of the leading Satmar Yeshiva’s in Kiryas Joel and Brooklyn, needy rabbinical college students in New York State will, for the first time ever, be eligible to receive Tuition Assistance Program (TAP) grants.
Satmar thanked Governor Cuomo who promised Satmar Rabbi Aaron Teitelbaum that he will help in the passage of this crucial TAP program (see video below)
Until now, needy rabbinical college students in undergraduate institutions were eligible for federal Pell Grants to help defer the cost of tuition, but not for New York State Tuition Assistance Grants. Now, these students will be eligible for TAP grants.
The new budget bill allocates approximately $3.2 million for TAP grants to students attending such schools for the second semester of school year 2011-2012 enough for 600 maximum grants, the initial amount is modest because it is meant to cover a small part of the year, following an implementation period, the change requires drafting of new regulations and institutions will need time to apply for participation.
Gary Schlesinger, Board Chairman of UJCare said, “The allocation of the TAP grant in the budget sets an example of our community leader’s potential to achieve critical funding through focused and determined advocacy.”


(YWN Desk – NYC)


  1. I hate to burst the PR bubble, but when Cuomo was running now for office he made the rounds of all the Chasidishe rebbes and promised them all the same thing.
    You can verify this very easily. There are pictures of him by all the rebbes, including the Satmar Rebbe of Williamsburg.
    The real credit goes to the askanim (especially Agudah) who lobbied for this for years. Cuomo did not approve the grants alone. It took the majority of Albany politicos who need the bloc votes of the Orthodox to get this passed.
    With no offence meant to any Rebbe, since this will benefit many Jewish Mosdos, it would be nice to have Yeshiva World write about the hard-working askanim who did indeed get the TAP grants approved.
    Good Shabbos

  2. We must give credit where credit is due. Satmar has B”H long been at the forefront of securing benefits for all of Klal Yisroel. Both providing from their own resources, and obtaining fair benefits from the government for Klal Yisroel.

  3. This is good, provided that the funds will be used in the proper way so that these Yeshiva boys get some foundations in what will help them when they are ready to move on and get to the proper courses that yields a good parnossah!

  4. Bpkj,I looked all the clips from Cuomo’s campaign visit’s it’s all on Youtube, except the above mentioned Satmar Rebba none of them spoke or asked Cuomo about this TAP program, to the contrary some of the Askanim from Williamsburg were busy with a disgraced politician who they invited and it backfired in the Media,

  5. Someone say violation of separation of church and state:
    Wow another way to cheat the government and get tax payers to pay for Kollelnicks.

  6. ffb, for your information, most Rabbonim and Rebbes do NOT allow photographers into their private offices; and certainly don’t post anything on YouTube.
    If you listened to both Dov Hikind and Zev Brenner last night you would have heard about the askanim who worked for 10 years to get the TAP program approved.
    That being said, I am definitely concerned that this too will fraudulently be abused by unscrupulous recipients.

  7. B”H Satmar is able to get things done (like this) in government in a private manner, without need public relations.